White tilted bowl
White tilted bowl
White tilted bowl
White tilted bowl
White tilted bowl

White tilted bowl

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Mami KANNO's tableware collection. Japanese handmade stoneware bowl. Unique piece. By their gentle inclination, these bowls embody the Wabi-sabi atmosphere in elegance.

Size: Ø 10.3cm, H 8.5cm
Weight: 254g
Materials: Earthenware, enamels

To present appetizers or simply to place your earrings or pieces.

This original shape is very practical. It highlights the food and makes you want to extend your hand.

bol incliné 1
photo: Gazpacho soup Restaurant PAGES in Paris XVI

Gentle inclined position thanks to the small feet.

Original creation by artist Mami KANNO. The look and texture are characteristic of the Mami Kanno style. 
bol incliné 2

Made in France by Mami KANNO


Mami is a ceramic artist born in Tokyo. Graduated from Tokyo University of Fine Arts.
She has exhibited since 2003 in Paris, Tokyo and Switzerland.
His works in stoneware, porcelain and Raku are beautifully simple. They revisit the roots of Japanese culture by incorporating a contemporary touch.
She masters and carries out herself, from the conception and research of the earth, to cooking at very high temperatures. All his creations are unique, handmade pieces.
Mami's work is today supported by many journalists, chefs of starred restaurants as well as specialists in the traditional tea ceremony.
Mami also creates many pieces for tableware. In Japan, for example, the face of a bowl or plate is called the "landscape". It is in harmony with the climate, the season and the spirit of the present moment.

White tilted bowl
White tilted bowl
White tilted bowl