Gyû Tataki

This is very tender, semi-cooked beef, halfway between carpaccio and roast beef, with a typical Japanese sauce. It’s one of our family’s favorite dishes.
It’s simple to do and success is guaranteed!

Ingredients: for 4-5 people

- 500g of Beef
(more precisely “pear” or “rump steak”! You will find it at any good butcher. Be careful, it is very important to have very tender pieces)
- Pepper
- Salad, nori seaweed, chives, etc. for decoration

Sauce Marinarde :

- 6 cl of soy sauce
- 6 cl of vinegar
- 1 C. teaspoon of lemon juice
- 1 C. teaspoon Kombu dashi powder* (You will find it in Japanese grocery stores.)
- 1 crushed garlic

Preparation : Prepare half a day before the tasting!

Remove the meat from the refrigerator 30 minutes before preparation.

In a small saucepan, heat all the ingredients for the marinade sauce until just before boiling and add 1 crushed garlic at the end. Let cool.

In a salad bowl, prepare iced water (for the meat)

First cut the meat in half lengthwise if necessary (the aim will be to end up with slices approximately 8 cm long) and season with pepper.

In a pan, heat a little oil. Brown them on each side over high heat.

Dip the pieces of meat in ice water to stop the cooking.

Pour the marinade sauce into a plastic ziplock bag and place the meat, dried well with absorbent paper.
Leave them to marinate for 5 hours in the refrigerator.

Before tasting, cut the cooled meat into thin slices
Place the salad and add the meats.
Decorate the plate as you wish.

Enjoy your food !!


What is this ?

*Kombu powder dashi
the powder to prepare kombu dashi, the broth made from kombu seaweed.

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