Shiori was founded by a Japanese woman who arrived in France in 2013.

Dreaming, as a child, of being an inventor who surprises and inspires people, she specialized in fashion, then in decoration.

From the age of 23, she traveled extensively throughout Asia in search of the most beautiful objects for her employer.

But in remote areas, she encountered workers working in poor working conditions and realized that it was people like her who caused this situation...

Consumers are often attracted to cheaper or trendy products. But there is always a reason behind a cheaper price.

All this disgusted her with mass and disposable consumption.

She decided to promote quality, products with a story that she can tell to customers with pride.

Arriving in Paris in 2013, she worked for Maison Wa and Galerie K, houses specializing in Japanese crafts and sake respectively.

She is also passionate about cooking and the pleasure of sharing her Japanese culture.

She is also a food blogger for the blog La bonne poire La France's kitchen.


What we believe in:

Over the course of life we ​​realize more and more the beauty of time passing, the precious aspect of the ephemeral. 

Live to eat rather than eat to live.

We would like to share memorable moments with you through objects or Japanese culture.
From the careful work of Japanese artisans, to culinary art and hospitality, we strongly believe that our culture can give you satisfaction. 

Atsuko, the founder of Shiori, still uses her grandfather's old Japanese tea bowl to hold small snacks. It symbolizes the passage of time and all the good times she experienced while having an aperitif. A worn Japanese knife makes us think of the past and of the person who gave it to us.

One that can be used for generations.
A meaningful thing in daily life.
It is not disposable for single use.

We want to share unique pieces with you.