First of all, do you already know the room ?

THE room (蕎麦, そば) are a Japanese dish made from buckwheat pasta. With the udon and the rāmen they are the most consumed pasta in Japan.

Noodles room are served either cold with tsuyu (i.e. a liquid in which we soak the room), or in a hot broth as for rāmen. To taste the room cold they are served in a soba chocolate.



The soba chocolate whose trapezoidal shape has remained unchanged in the 400 years since its invention, has its origins in Hizen (present-day Saga and Nagasaki Prefecture), home to the port of Imari, from where Imari porcelain spread throughout Japan.

Originally, it was used for side dishes of sashimi, salads or shiokara during celebrations and meals kaiseki. The soba chocolate of the time was therefore more for the upper class Samurai and shoguns.

At the end of the Edo period, the room became popular with the general public. Since then it is a tradition that has quickly spread throughout Japan.

The soba chocolate is essential for eating room, but it can be used in different ways, including as a sake cup, tea cup, coffee cup, small bowl for dessert or even as a small vase for flowers.

We admire the soba chocolate while enjoying his soba. Since it is historical and very varied, that is why there are many collectors of soba chocolate in Japan.


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