Concrete incense holder
Concrete incense holder
Concrete incense holder

Concrete incense holder

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A raw and minimalist incense holder, made according to the wabi-sabi philosophy, made of resistant but smooth concrete which allows you to burn any type of Japanese incense while keeping it vertical.

It is an exceptional design of practicality and aesthetics, as it also prevents ashes from scattering.

Size: 8cm x 2cm
Material: Concrete

Use of incense:

To restore calm to the mind, light an incense during your moment of relaxation, yoga practice, when reading, after cooking, before and after receiving your guests at your home.

Traditionally in Japan, we light incense 30 minutes before welcoming your guests to your home to create a good welcoming atmosphere.     

Please note: the Hinoki incense shown in the photo is sold separately. You can find it here.



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Concrete incense holder