It's a Mochi but it's a special version with a strawberry! Its texture is soft and creamy, and the sweetness of the Anko (red bean paste) balances very well with the acidity of the strawberries… It’s a little happiness to taste!

Ingredients: for 8 pieces

200g Anko* (sweetened red bean paste, already prepared)
8 washed strawberries

Mochi dough
 – 80g glutinous rice flour*
 – 60g sugar
 – 160ml of water


1. An filling (Anko): red bean paste

Prepare 8 small An balls of 3 cm (25g)
Let them harden in the freezer before making the mochis.

2. Mochi dough

In a heat-resistant container, put glutinous rice flour and sugar, mix well. Pour in the water little by little while mixing with a spatula.

Cover the container with cling film and heat it for 2 minutes. in the microwave at 600W.

Remove the film and mix gently with a spatula. The dough should become sticky and translucent. Cover with cling film and repeat this operation. (2 mins at 600W)

Mix well after cooking. When the dough becomes completely translucent it is ready.

Sprinkle the cornstarch using a sieve on a tray, then put the dough in it. Sprinkle the cornstarch also on top of the dough.

Let the dough cool for a few minutes.

3. Making DAIFUKU

Divide the mochi dough into 8 pieces.
Flatten a piece of dough with your fingers, place the lightly frozen An filling in the middle.
Cover the An with the dough then pinch the edge of the dough with your fingers to close.

4. Finishing

Make a small incision on the top of the DAIFUKU with scissors.
Place a washed strawberry in each incision.

Good tasting !


What is this ?

*Again you An
Azuki bean paste (red bean variety)
You will find them in an Asian grocery store. 

*Fglutinous rice flour
You will find them in an Asian grocery store. 

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