Cooking Gyozas

Here's the best way to cook them!

First of all, place your Gyozas on a plate sprinkled with potato starch (Katakuriko) / or corn starch (Maïzena)

Fabrication Gyoza 7

Cook the Gyozas over high heat until done.

In a well-heated pan, pour a spoonful of oil (sesame or rapeseed) and place the Gyoza one by one.


Leave to brown until you see the boiling inside the ravioli. (The ravioli will become transparent.)

Gyoza 2

Carefully pour a glass of water into the pan without watering the ravioli.


Cover and let cook. (2~3 minutes)


When there is almost no more water in the pan, uncover and cook until completely evaporated.

Gyoza 5

There you go, now,

Serve the Gyozas with the sauce of your choice;

Ponzu* + a drop of sesame oil
– Vinegar + soy sauce + a drop of sesame oil
– Vinegar + pepper


Beer is the best choice as a drink!


The ponzu is a Japanese seasoning produced from soy sauce, vinegar, citrus juice, sugar, seaweed, dried bonito.
You will find it in a Japanese grocery store.
(link to Wikipedia)

Illustration : Laura Gomez
Illustration : Laura Gomez

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