Cat tongues with Matcha

What do you do with the leftover egg white?
When I make flan, custard or mayonnaise, there are always egg whites left over and it's a shame to throw them away.
I use them to make cat tongues. It's easy to do.
Light and tasty thanks to the Matcha aroma! Perfect for snacking at any time.

Ingredients: The weight of the whites determines the weight of the other ingredients.

• 4 egg whites (130g)
130g butter
130g sugar
130g powder prepared as follows:
  -1 tbsp (20g) Matcha powder
  -80g flour
  -30g of almond powder 

It’s always the same amount of egg white, butter, sugar and powder mixed.


In a salad bowl, filter the Matcha powder through a small fine sieve. Add the flour and almond powder, mix well with a spoon.


Melt the butter in the microwave. Add the sugar and mix well.

Then, gradually and alternately add egg whites and the powder mixed with the melted butter.


Preheat the oven to 170°C.

On a sheet of baking paper, using a piping bag, place the mixture in piles 2 cm in diameter, spacing them well apart. (It spreads over approximately 4 cm.)

Cook them for 8~9 minutes at 170°C.



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