Sushi cake

An original and festive recipe!
To surprise your friends and family, I'm offering you a new way to eat sushi! 

Ingredients: For 4~6 people / A 21cm mold

500g of vinegared Japanese rice
→ Prepare the vinegared rice base.
Mix well and let cool.

2 eggs
4~6 slices of smoked salmon
1 ripe avocado
1 teaspoon of sugar

Ingredients for the garnish of your choice:

– salmon roe
- shrimp
– cherry tomatoes washed and cut
– cooked green vegetables (e.g. okra, cucumber, peas)
– pieces of seaweed
– sesame seeds etc.

The heart of the cake 

  1. Prepare scrambled eggs.
    Beat eggs in a bowl and add 1 teaspoon of sugar and 1 tablespoon of water.
    Mix well and cook in a small pan using 2 pairs of chopsticks and mix quickly to obtain small pieces.

    des œufs brouillés

  2. In the bottom of the mold, place plastic film then place the scrambled eggs and delicately spread half of the vinegared rice on top.

    Sushi cake gâteau de Sushi 1Sushi cake gâteau de Sushi 2

  3. On this first layer, place the smoked salmon cut into bite-sized pieces and on top of the small thin slices of avocado.

    Sushi cake gâteau de Sushi 3Sushi cake gâteau de Sushi 4

    Pour in the rest of the vinegared rice. Close the plastic film, then press lightly with your hands.

    Sushi cake gâteau de Sushi 5Sushi cake gâteau de Sushi 6

Unmold and finish;

  1. Invert the Sushi Cake onto a plate and remove the plastic wrap.

    Sushi cake gâteau de Sushi 7Sushi cake gâteau de Sushi 8

  2. Decorate the Sushi Cake with your chosen topping.

    Sushi cake gâteau de Sushi 9gâteau de sushi, sushi cake

    Good work !
    Now, enjoy your meal!

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