Maki with raw ham and mozzarella

Sushis maki à l'italienne

If your guest doesn't eat seaweed or raw fish, or simply wants to try a new flavor, I offer two variations of maki, Italian style, with or without nori. The pink color brings a festive touch and it's perfect for an original aperitif!

Ingredients for 2 makis:

200g of prepared sushi rice
1 sheet of Nori seaweed cut in half
2 - 4 slices of raw ham
½ ball of mozzarella
A dozen beautiful fresh basil leaves


Preparation : 

  1. Prepare Japanese vinegared sushi rice.
  1. Prepare the filling: cut the mozzarella in sticks. Wash and dry the basil leaves.
  1. Wrap the mat with cling film, place the slices of raw ham side by side and spread the sushi rice over the entire ham (in a thin thickness, leaving about 1.5 cm on the opposite edge to allow it to stick to the the end).

  2. Arrange the garnish (basil leaves and mozzarella sticks) slightly towards you in relation to the center of the maki. Roll the maki using the mat, tightly.

  3. For the nori seaweed maki, replace the raw ham with half a sheet of nori, use the raw ham as a garnish.

  4. Cut the maki into eighths. Wet the knife with a damp paper towel each time you cut.

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