Chicken yakitori with peppers

Yakitori de poulet

This is an adaptation of one of the dishes I miss the most in France: grilled chicken with yakitori sauce.

It's one of those Japanese dishes with an appetizing smell and crunchy texture, which once you try them, you're hooked!
So here is a recipe for Japanese-style skewers but adapted for the French. I replaced the leek with pepper, this way the skewer is less fibrous and more juicy ;)


Yakitori sauce: easy amount to make 

4 tbsp. soy sauce soup
3 tbsp. Mirin soup*
1 C. sake coffee or white wine
1 C. sugar coffee

Skewers: approximately for 8 30 cm skewers

1 kg of chicken thighs boneless
1 red pepper
1 green pepper
8 pics


Soak the bamboo picks for 15 minutes in a container filled with water to prevent them from burning during cooking. If you don't have a large enough container, try to wet them well.

Prepare the yakitori sauce:

In a pan pour the soy sauce, Mirin, sake and sugar.
Bring to a boil while mixing with the spatula.
The sauce will take on a consistency resembling that of caramel sauce when it cools.


Cut the chicken thighs and peppers into pieces.
Thread them onto the wet skewers, alternating with the peppers.

Cook the skewers on a well-preheated grill or barbecue for about 15 minutes.

When the skewers are nicely browned (usually after 15 minutes), dip them in the sauce then let them brown a little more on the surface (be careful, this sauce burns easily!)

So ! It's ready !

You can possibly enjoy them with spices such as Shichimi and/or Sansho (which you can replace with Espelette pepper and Timut pepper if you cannot find them in an Asian grocery store).

Yakitori de poulet

What is this ?

*All over

A kind of very sweet sake.
(lien's Wiki)
You will find it in a Japanese grocery store.


Illustrations : Laura Gómez

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