Oshizushi with white radish and carrot pickles, sweet and salty lemon confit


Looking for a new recipe idea to welcome your guests?
I offer you another way to enjoy Japanese sushi.
This recipe is gluten-free and fish-free. 
A very healthy recipe perfect for a very hot day!

It makes very nice little starters during holiday meals.

Shiori offers you sushi molds to make Oshizushi. 
There are 3 models depending on what you want to do:


Moule à sushi

Ingredients for a starter for approximately 4 people:

• 500g of hot rice already cooked
 → recipe: Cook Japanese rice at home

For the vinegar sauce
– 2 tbsp of rice vinegar
– 1 tablespoon of sugar
– 3/4 teaspoon of salt

• 1/2 carrot
• 1/4 white radish
• 1/2 lemon bio

Preparation : 

1. Wash, peel and cut the carrot and radish into thin slices lengthwise using the peeler. Prepare the same vinegar sauce as for the sushi, which we will use to marinate the vegetable slices. 

In a plastic ziplock bag, put the sliced ​​vegetables and the vinaigrette.

For the lemon confit, season with 1 tbsp. to c. sugar and 1/3 tsp. to c. salt. Since lemon is already naturally acidic, there is no need to add vinegar.

Leave everything to marinate for 2 hours in the refrigerator.

pickles japonais

2. Prepare vinegared rice for sushi.

3. Wet the wooden mold, then put the lemon slices in it, then the white radish and the carrots.

4. Add the vinegared rice.

5. Press well with the lid.

6. Cut and unmold.


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