Kairagi Mug
Kairagi Mug
Kairagi Mug
Kairagi Mug
Kairagi Mug

Kairagi Mug

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Kairagi cup with handle 

Kairagi plum leather

Kairagi is a very particular Japanese ceramic technique which evokes the Wabi-sabi philosophy, which is expressed here by thehe beauty of an imperfection or incompleteness in the ceramic production process.

Tea masters of the past appreciated this beauty like a landscape and found an exceptional charm in the resulting, always unique motif.

These spectacular pieces have a warmth and texture that can never be expressed through mass production.



3 exceptional assets of Kairagi

A delicate and subtle shrunken pattern:

Due to the uneven structure of the clay, each piece looks different, and the color irregularities and appearance of the shrunken pattern also vary from piece to piece. Kairagi is characterized by the appearance of a shrunken shark-skin-like pattern from the glaze that has not completely melted during firing, and the appearance of the pattern can often vary considerably from ceramic to ceramic. to the other. Naturally, no two Kairagi pieces feature the same pattern. Each piece is unique and has its own character, so you will feel even more attached to it.

An ivory white color to suit all foods:

The charm of Kairagi also lies in its elegant and noble ivory white color. It has a simple, dignified presence, and yet it blends seamlessly into any stylish kitchen.

A pleasant touch in the hand:

Its touch offers a fine roughness, a soft shiny appearance, uneven coloring and irregularities. Beneath the authentic appearance of Wabi-sabi lies a very modern aspect, in its texture but also in its shape. When you hold it in your hand, you realize that it is a ceramic in which different elements coexist.


Size: Ø7.6 x 10.8 × H10cm  
Material: Sandstone  
Capacity: 200cc

Not microwave safe, hand wash recommended.

Depending on the length and content of use and how it is maintained, it will patina over time.

Made in Japan, pGifu refecture


The history of this pottery dates back to an astonishing episode in which the pottery was presented to Oda Nobunaga (an important daimyo of the Sengoku period), who praised it for its skills and bestowed upon it the surname Hashiba. A pottery located in Gifu for generations.

Kairagi Mug
Kairagi Mug
Kairagi Mug